Robert Stone - executed 16 Apr 1921

1902 Dec 25c . Born Clonmel

1911 Census at Clare More , Kiltinan, Tipperary


1921 Apr 16 Shot by IRA

WS 1187 We had a spy, named Stone, a prisoner with us on the day of Denis Sadlier's death. Stone was later executed, labelled in the same way as Looby, and his body was left lying in the village of Clonee. I cannot give full details of his execution as I was not present at it.

WS 1300 While with Lacey's column, I remember one evening near the village of Cloheen three of us met a man cycling. We were suspicious of him as at the time it was necessary to have a permit from the British authorities to own and ride a bicycle. We took him a prisoner and brought him to Lacey. He was recognised as a British agent named George Stone. He was held as a prisoner that night, and on the following evening some members of the column took him away and executed him on the road near Fethard.

IRA Witness Statement During my time as Commandant of the 7th Battalion three men were executed in my area as spies. They were George Stone of Killusty, Christopher Boyle of Drangan and George Lysaght of Kilburry, Cloneen. Stone was what we called an "emergency man", that is, he occupied and lived on a farm from which the lawful tenant had been evicted. He was constantly in the company of R.I.C. men and British military, and it was felt that he was giving them any information he could gather about Volunteer or column movements in his district. We did not arrest him, but in his absence he was tried by a court comprised of brigade and battalion officers and sentenced to death. The sentence was carried out a morning or two later. Either five or six of us kept his house under observation and when he left it early one morning we followed him along the road towards Fethard and shot him at the roadside. A label "Spies beware"4 was tied around his neck and his body was left at the spot where he was shot.



Hansard 13 Jun 1921. Mr. A. HERBERT asked the Chief Secretary whether Robert Stone, of Killusty, near Fethard, was shot dead on the 16th instant while taking two horses to water; whether an inquiry has yet been held into this case and with what result; whether subsequently on the 18th several shops, houses, and farm buildings in Killusty were burnt; and whether he has any evidence as to who were responsible for this destruction?

Sir H. GREENWOOD The coroner's inquiry in this case found that deceased was wilfully murdered on 16th April by some person or persons unknown. As regards the last part of the question, I have asked the Commander-in-Chief for a report, as this place is in the martial law area.