John Sullivan


1903 Born

1911 census at Knowles Lane,Charleville, Cork


Shot at same time as Patrick J Sheehan


IRA Witness Statement We were removed to Buttevant military barracks where we were held for some days. While there, we saw a man named Sullivan from Charleville associating with the enemy. We sent word to the Battalion I.O., by a Mallow prisoner who was being released, that Sullivan was apparently in touch with the enemy. Sullivan was later taken prisoner by the I.R.A. and was held a prisoner in the Milford Company area until his execution, together with his fellow conspirator -P.J.Sheehan- as spies sometime in June,1921 I think.

IRA Witness Statement - identical to above

IRA Witness Statement - One evening while a prisoner in Buttevant Military Barracks I was on my way with other prisoners from the compound, where we had been at exercise, to the Guard Room when a soldier named "Slag" Sullivan from Charleville walked up to me. I asked him what brought him to Buttevant Barracks and he told me he was after joining up and was waiting for a draft to India. As a prisoner from Mallow area was being released I sent word to the Charleville Battalion I.O. that Sullivan was in Buttevant. He was later taken prisoner by the I.R.A. and was, I believe, held in the Milford area until hewas shot with his pal. Patrick J. Sheehan, as spies in,I think,June1921.

IRA Witness Statement





Shot by IRA as British spies