George Sackville Wallis

1856 Born Bandon , Cork

1875 Dec 6. The undermentioned Sub-Lieutenants to be-Lieutenants :—.George Sackville Wallis.

1878 Apr 24. North Tipperary.Militia. Lieutenant George Sackville Wallace resigns his Commission.

1881 Married Bridget Fahey in Waterford


1889 May Bankrupt. In the 1870s George Wallace of Littleton, Thurles, owned 1,010 acres in county Tipperary. A notice published in the Irish Times in May 1889 announced the forthcoming sale of the estate of "George Sackville Wallis, a bankrupt". The property was located in the barony of Eliogarty, County Tipperary.


1891 his wife Bridget died. Lisheenbeg is about 3 km west of Cashel


1898 His second marriage in Tipperary. Ballysheehan is 3 km north of Cashel


1911 census at Boherclogh, Cashel Urban, Tipperary


1916 Aug 31. Son killed in France


1921 Jun 16. Shot Cashel, Tipperary


IRA Witness Statement On anothe roccasion an ambush position was being prepared at Camas Bridge for these same three lorries when they passed, much earlier than expected. Ned O'Reilly and Sadlier had taken over a house and the barricade was being put together at the time they arrived. I remember seeing a man named Wallis, who was a process-server in Cashel, in the lorries with them that morning. This man Wallis was subsequently shot as a spy

IRA Witness Statement

IRA Witness Statement


British Inquiry


Shot by IRA as British spies