Joseph Haywood

1915 Apr 8. General List. Joseph Haywood (late Captain, 3rd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment) to be Major.

1917 May 14. Suff. R. Temp. Maj. J. Haywood, from a Garr. Bn., to be temp. Maj.

1918 Oct Convicted by General Court Martial at Kantara, Port Said, but conviction quoshed. He had ben found Guilty of behaving in a scandalous manner unbecoming the character of an officer and gentleman. He was sentences to be cashiered but with the recommendation of mercy on the grounds that he is "obviously excitable and ill-balanced temprement and in consideration of his long service" It was confirmed By Gen. Allenby, but quoshed by JAG

1920 Jul 7. Special Appointment along with Woolley, Howell , Carruthers , J Haywood, WA Lewis , CW Le Grand

1920 Sep 1. Relinquishes his special appointment Class II. Temp. Maj. J. Haywood, 1st (Res.) Garr. Bn., Suff. R

1920 Nov 11. "it is regretted that there is no opportunity for using your services as an officer"

1921 Mar 14. 1921 Jun 18, 1921 Dec 19. Haywood has an extended correspondence with the Army trying to get a job. They say "it is considered that no useful purpose would be served in granting you the interview. I am further to add that correspondence on this subject must now cease"


British Intelligence Dublin Castle

WO 339/14187