Charles Francis Arrowsmith

1883 Oct/Dec Born Standish, Wigan, Lancs

1891 census at 42 Cemetery Rd, Adlington, Chorley, Lancs


1911 census at 10 Marlborough Rd, Tue Brook, Lancs. He is a schoolmaster. Worked at St Francis Xavier College


1915 Jun 15 Commissioned 2nd Lt in Liverpool Regt

1917 Jul 1. CF Arrowsmith to be Lt. Liverpool Regt

1917 Dec 11. MID Liverpool Regt, 2nd Lt

1918 Jan 1. Military Cross gazetted

1919 Aug Gazetted Chevalier of an Italian Order Lieutenant Charles Francis Arrowsmith, M.C., 8th Battalion, The Kings (Liverpool Regiment) (Territorial Force).


1921 Jun 8 . He was offered a job in intelligence in Cork, but the letter was intercepted by the IRA. It was signed by PWH Carpenter

A letter from D.W. Carpenter at Dublin Castle appointing an agent in Cork survives in papers in the national Library of Ireland. The letter was accompanied by an envelope dated 22 June 1921 which had been undelivered at the London address “not known at no 73” and returned to sender at Dublin Castle postmarked from St John’s Wood on 23 June 1921, IRA intercepted the letter and it came into the hands of Florence O’Donoghue IO in Cork. By the time the letter returned and reached intelligence in Cork there was not time to set up an attack on Carpenter. It is unclear why Arrowsmith was not at the address maybe he changed his mind because of the intensity of the war in June 1921. June 22 was Wednesday so the meeting was to be Saturday. It appears that the IRA had not time to act on their information otherwise the agents would have been shot.

His pay indicates he was taken on at a fairly senior level of "District Agent" level FF, and hence would hae been a grade senior to Carpenter. This would explain Carpenter's slightly subservient tone in the letter. There were not many FF grade Intelligence men in Ireland, and I have only noted 2. - Shove, FH -Class FF and probably Crawford J S - Class FF. The indication is that therefore this is the senior appointment for Cork

1921 Sep 30. Gazetted out as Lt

1925 Jul/Sep Married Marion M Sloane in Clitheroe, Lancs

1934 Jul 7. Died Staines, M'sex


Intelligence at Dublin Castle

WO 374/2352