British Intelligence at Dublin Castle


1919 Feb 8. Lt. C. V. Catchpole (7th Bn., R. Fus., Spec. Res.) relinquishes the actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to be 2nd in comd. of a Co.

1919 Oct 16 Dep. Asst. Prov -Marshals (Cl. FF). — And relinquish the temp, rank of Capt. Lt. C. V. Catchpole, 7th R. Fus., Spec. Res.


1919 Dec 3 Midd'x R. 13th Bn.— Capt. A. H. Catchpole (Suff. R., Spec. Res.) relinquishes the temp, rank of Lt.- Col. on ceasing to'cbmd. the Bn.

1920 Apr 1. Suff. B.—Capt. A. H. Catchpole relinquishes his commission., and is granted the rank of Lt.-.Col.


1919 Nov 1. R. Berks. R. Temp. 2nd Lt. K. B. Catchpole to be temp. Lt 1 Nov. 1919.

1919 Nov 5. Temp. Lt. K. B. Catchpole relinquishes .his commission on account of ill-health caused by wounds, 5 Nov. 1919, and retains the rank of Lt. {Substituted for Gaz. notification 4 Nov. 1919.)


Ernest Knightly Catchpole - Kenyan Police officer after WW1 Rift Valley Provence. b1887 in Limehouse London

The undermentioned to be temp. Lts. whilst serving with the K. Afr. Rif. 1st June 1916. Ernest Knightly Catchpole

A sporting expedition, which left the Congo River at the end of last November 1919 for Nairobi, British East Africa, has reached Fort Portal, Uganda, All well." The members of the expedition are Mr. Sydney Fairbairn, Grenadier Guards, Captain E. K. Catchpole, Major Bishop, and Mr. Gilbert Busse