The Florence O'Donoghue papers record that Eskell  (the script is unclear) a man who had moved to Cork “to recover his delicate health for six months”  , left Cork on 13-10-1921 saying to his golf partner Adrian De Fleury that he had been on the job,  Fluery realising that his life could be in danger for associating, reported to T Ryall about the matter. Eskell had stayed at the Imperial Hotel but moved later to Summerhill in Cork.

There are 2 RAF officers called Eskell - assuming that de Fleury knew him for that reason - Loris Ivor Eskell and Dallas Louis Neil Eskell. The more likely of the two would be Loris Ivor Eskell who was South African, and was wounded and resigned commisson for ill health, so would have had a reasonable excuse to be convalescing in Cork


Intelligence in Dublin Castle