Lionel Mortimer Travers Griffin

1943 photo


1895 Aug 8. Born Lionel Mortimer Travers Griffin

1895 Sep 4 Baptised at Melcombe Regis St John, Dorset, England

1901 census at Torquay


1911 census he is a boarder at Newton Abbot College Wolborough, Newton Abbot, Devon, England

1914 Jun 22. Married Elizabeth Estelle Theodora Montagu. ( 1890–1956 )

1915 Apr 17 Commissioned 2nd Lt. Second Lieutenant L. M. T. Griffin, Royal Alderney Artillery Militia, to be temporary Second Lieutenant. Dated 17th. April, 1915

1915 Jul 10 In Hospital for Malaria for 10 days

1917 Jul 1 Promoted Lt

1918 Jun 24. He appears to have enlisted in RFA then transferred to RFC

1920 Married Kathleen Phyllis Matheson (1897–1976) . Lionel Married his second time his name appeared as Lionel Mortimer Travers Griffin . There children were. This may have been a bigamous marriage

1920 Jun 10 Re-commissoned . Lt. L. T. Mortimer-Griffin (previously described as L. M. T. Griffin), late R.H. & R.F.A., to be temp. Lt. whilst specially empld

1920 Jun 10 Special Appointment Class II. Lt. L. T. Mortimer-Griffin (previously described as L. M. T. Griffin), late R.H. & R.F.A., to be temp. Lt. whilst specially empld.

1920 Aug 22 Relinquishes commission on completion of service

1921 census at 292 Queens Road, Battersea Park. He is married, born Weymouth, and nationality "Irish". This is D Reserve of Defence Corps

1922 Apr 24 , he was jailed in Salisbury, charged with fraudulently obtaining £10 from a woman.

1924 Jan 4 He was tried and pleaded guilty, and sentenced to three months.Convicted of fraud

1924 Dismissed Army because of conviction

1930. Lives with Audrey Wilkinson , daughter of Hedley Wilkinson and Fanny Mary Hurry.

1933 Aug. This appears to be him trying to develop an airfield. He was living in Surbiton at the time

1939 Register Living at Gillingham, Kent, England. With wife Audrey S. He is now Lionel M Travers-Griffin

His second wife describes herself as a widow and proprietor of flats in Kensington

1941 Jul/Sep He to married Audrey Wilkinson in Aldershot

1943 May 7. Lt. L. M. Travers-Griffin is dismissed the service by sentence of a Field General Court Martial,

1943 Dec 18 Back in ARP in UK

1944 Dec 3. He is in line for some maoney

1962 May 19. Buried in Bridport


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