Ronald George Stuart Gunnis

1887 Oct Born London. Father George Stuart Forbes Gunnis from Glasgow . Mother Jane Mary Josephine Fitzgerald from Dublin

1891 census Living at Pusey House, Pusey, Berks with his family

1901 At school in Bournemouth

1909 to 1910 Travelling in the USA

1911 census

1912 Living Folkestone, working as an Engineer

1912 Oct 2. Sailed from Southampton to New York on the Oceanic (Occupation Listed as Engineer). Arrived New York 9 Oct

1914 Feb 5 Sailed from Bermuda to USA on the Caribbean (Occupation Listed as Engineer)

1914 Feb 16 UK to USA arrival

1914 Mar 19 .Sailed from Bermuda to New York on the Caribbean (Occupation Listed as Engineer) . Arrived New York Mar 21.

1914 Aug 15 Arrived at Liverpool from New York on the St Paul (Occupation listed as a tourist)

1914 Oct 2. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant into the Royal Engineers

1914 Dec 9 From Second Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Territorial Force, to be temporary Second  Lieutenant . Seconded to the Western Cable Signal Company, Royal Engineers TF based in Liverpool, not being under command of a Division, were technically known as Army Troops. (The Company had landed in France 26 Oct 1914)

1915 Feb 16. Promoted Lieutenant

1915 May 4 landed in France

1915 Jun 6 Admitted to Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital at Millbank with concussion

1915 Jun 29 Discharged from hospital

1915 Jul 12 Sailed from Avonmouth for Colón, Panama on the Coronado (Occupation Listed as R.E. HM Army)

Daily transits of the Panama Canal at this time usually could be counted on the fingers of one hand until late in 1918. (A severe  slide  in  mid-September  1915  also  closed  the  canal  for  seven months, further depressing traffic.)

1915 Aug 15 Arrived at Bristol from Colón, Panama on the Coronado (Occupation Listed as Military Officer)

1915 Dec 3 Seconded to MI5

1915 Dec 19 Replaces Lieutenant Theodore James Gordon Gardiner, 3rd Battalion Border Regiment,   Special Reserve (MI5).  As Military Control Officer at Plymouth (Graded for purposes of pay as a General Staff Officer, 3rd Grade)

1916 Dec 31 Left MI5

1916 May 17 To be temporary Captain whilst employed on special duty

1917 Feb 3. Relinquishes his commission on account of ill-health. Gazetted out as Capt

1917 Feb 20 Replaced by 2nd Lieutenant T T Somerville, General List (MI5) late NCO Military Field Police as Military Control Officer Plymouth

1917 Jul 4 Death of his Brother Ian Fitzgerald Stuart Gunnis (1891–1917) at Ypres, Belgium

1918 Jan 23. Commissioned Temporary Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and posted to HMS President in London for duty with No.20 Tank Squadron.  No. 20 Squadron Royal Naval Air Service was under Naval control to develop armoured vehicles for land battle.

1918 Jul 6 Transferred to the Auxiliary Patrol

1918 Jul 7 In Royal Navy

1918 Sep 23. Posted to HMS Kosmos (Aberdeen registered trawler hired for use as a minesweeper in April 1915 and returned 2 Nov 1918) while serving on Motor Launch 336.

1918 Nov 3. Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, Southampton with Influenza

1918 Nov 21 discharged from Hospital to Auxiliary Yacht Aberdonian

1918 Nov 25 to 6 Jan 1919 at HMS Victory the holding Barracks for the Fleet sailing out of Portsmouth

1919 Feb 5. Posted to HMS Hermion HQ Ship Southampton for motor launches (MLs) and coastal motor boats (CMBs) while serving on Motor Launch 4

1919 Mar 17. Serving on Motor Launch 57

1919 Jun 26. Serving on Motor Launch 488

1919 Oct 13. Demobilised from Navy

1919 Oct 18. Disability listed as Neurotic (probably PTSD) on pension card

1920 Jun 25 Special Appointment . Capt. R. G. S. Gunnis, late R.E., T.F., to be temp. Capt. whilst specially empld. . A.Ames, who was shot on Bloody Sunday , is on same list. The other is ARL Jameson who is a mysterious figure

1921 Nov 5 Sailed from Southampton to New York on the Aquitania (Occupation Listed as Diplomat)

1921 Nov 2. R.C. of Sigs. — Capt. Ronald George Stuart Gunnis (late Gen. List and T,F.) to be Capt.

1922 Apr 7. Transit from the USA to Canada travelling to the UK (Occupation listed as Captain Army)

1922 May 19. Arrived Southampton from Montreal on the Scandinavian (Occupation Listed as Army Captain)

1925 Apr 30. Arrived at London of Port from Gibraltar on the Naldera (Occupation Listed as Captain Royal Engineers Reserve of Officers)

1928 Dec 29 Sailed from Port of London to Marseille Occupation (Listed as Engineer)

1931 Living in Hythe, Folkestone

1936 Jun 2. Died Folkestone, Kent, England buried at sea.  He was buried in sight of Folkestone Harbour where he carried out his most important duties of his career.

1936 Jun 6. Burial at sea

1936 Jul 16 Report of his will. Vera Presley married Harold Newberry in 1941.

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