Leslie Holbrook Kitton MC


1894 Oct 12 born Sculcoates, East Yorkshire

1901 census

1910 living with parents at 19 Salisbury Gdns,Sculcoates

1915 Mar 24 transferred as 2nd Lt on General List to R Scots

1916 May 30 Transferred to Trench Mortars, L. H. Kitton, retaining the temp, rank of Lt., from R. Scots.

1916 Jul 2. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. relinquish the rank of temp. Lt. on ceasing to be empld. with Trench Mortar Batts.: — L. H. Kitton.

1917 Jul 1 Promoted Lt

1918 Apr 11. R. Scots. Temp. Lt. L. H. Kitton, M.C., to be temp. Capt.

1918 Nov 18 Gazetted Croix de Geurre

1919 Oct 18. Played rugby in Army trial match

1919 Jun 14. 3rd Grade.—Temp. Capt. L. H. Kitton, M.C., R. Scots, vice Capt. G. B. Groom, M.C.,

1919 Dec 21.. GSO 3rd Grade.— Temp. Capt. L. H. Kitton, M.C., Serv. Bn.. R. Scots.

1920 Jan 28 R. Scots. Temp Capt. L. H. Kitton, M.C., relinquishes his commission on completion of service. and retains the rank of Capt.

1920 Mar 19 Special Appointment in Ireland worked in Q (Quartermaster) Branch

1920 May (circa) WS0631. Captain Kitten and Colonel Winters were coming over to Dublin with a great record behind them for Intelligence work. Our information was that they were arriving at Kingstown by the evening mail-boat and would proceed to Dublin Castle by army transport. It was decided by our headquarters that a serious effort should be made to get these men on their journey into town on the day of their arrival in Ireland. After much consideration it was agreed that that section of the road outside Blackrock Park and in line with Merrion Avenue would be the most suitable place for our attack to take place. As far as I can recollect this was the first time that the Squad carried hand-grenades with a view to using them against British agents listed for execution So great was our aversion to grenades that before proceeding on the job we actually drew lots to determine who would carry and throw the grenades. By an odd freak of chance the man least designed for that type of work was the man who drew the ticket, Paddy Griffin. On the way out to take up our positions, Keogh discussed with me the question of leaving the grenade with Griffin, and we finally decided that I would take the grenade, Keogh in turn undertaking the particular duty of covering me during whatever incident might take place. We arrived at our selected positions, some by tram and others by a small van which carried the bulk of our arms. The van was in a position in Merrion Avenue, with a view to providing us with a quick get-away. This was another case where we were crediting our enemy with too little intelligence, because, while our attention was concentrated on the Blackrock-Kings town route, a convoy consisting of two double-turret cars, one whippet and two armoured Lancias, was proceeding from Dublin to meet the boat. Ned Kellegher had by some extraordinary process become aware of the fact that this new feature had entered into the programme, and arrived with all haste to tell us to call off the job. We had barely time to collect our men from their positions when the convoy I have described passed by the bottom of Merrion Avenue. We were then loading ourselves into the van, which was ill-designed to carry so many (this is all in WS)

1921 Mar 19 seconded under article 102 (B) Royal Warrant for Pay and Promotions 1914 whist "specially employed".

1921 Oct 3.

1921 Mar 19 Bedfs. & Herts. R.—Leslie Holbrook Kitton, M.C., late Serv. Bn., K. Scots, to be Lt. 19th Mar. 1921, with seniority 1st July 1917,

1923 Jan1 Awarded MBE in New Year Honours List in Irish group

1925 Jan 16 passed the exam for Captain

1925 Feb 25 gazetted appointment to Capt in Beds and Herts

marriage kitton

1926 Sept 21 marries Margaret S Duff-Gillespie of Dublin

1928 Jan (circa) with Gen Sir John Duncan in Shanghai

Lt Cmdr Agnew (Gunnery Officer, later commanded Force K in the Med in WW2), Gen Sir John Duncan KCB, Capt ?Kitton MC. Watching gun loading competition. Sent to Illustrated London News

1928 May 24. Appointed an instructor at Small Arms School, Hythe Wing

1930 Oct 13 Daughter born at Hythe, Kent

1932 May 24. Relinquishes job as instructor at Small Arms School.

1935 Jan 26 Seconded to serve as Adjutant TA Herts Regt

1936 Sep 18. Seconded to attend General Staff Course

1938 Aug 1. Appointed Major

1939 Jan 1 to Brigade Major 162 Brigade. Bedfs. & Herts.—Maj. L. H. Kitton, M.B.E., M.C., remains seed, for serv. on the Staff

1953 Oct 21 His daughter Susan Elizabeth Ann gets engaged and he is given as Lt Col L H Kitton of Old Rectory Farm, Crundale, Cantebury.

funeral kitton

1978 Aug 11 dies at Ashford, Kent

British Intelligence in Ireland