Gordon Cogill Muirhead, Corps of Military Accountants


Ancestry Tree

1916 Nov 23. Cadet, commissioned 2nd Lt in Gordon Highlanders

1919 Nov 19. As. Capts. and Acct. Offs., 6th Cl.: — Temp. Capt. and Acct. Off., 6th Class., Gordon Cogill Muirhead, M.C., from Lt., 7th Gord. Highrs., T.F

1920 Dec 16

This case concerns the looting of a tobaconnists shop at 38 Exchequer St, Dublin.Staying in Jurys Hotel and odd, secret reference to him

Looting on a wholescale level occurred and 3 soldiers were court martialed. Evidence from Capt GC Muirhead (Corps of Military Accountants) , Capt J G Woods (Corps of Military Accountants), and CHF Lees indicated that 2 British officers were involved. The British legal authorities then tried to identify these 2 officers, without sucess. The list of Special Branch men came into play as these were men involved on another raid that night and some lived at Cnetral Hotel in Exchequer St. As far as I can tell Muirhead and Woods were genuine accountants.



Winter was not too keen to help



1924 Feb 6 Engagement announced in Scotsman