Philip Austin Mules


1878 Born Bowdon, Cheshire. Father: Philip Henry Mules Mother: Alice Anabella Mules

1878 Apr 18 Baptised


1911 census Gresford, Denbighshire, Wales


1915 Oct 5 Commissioned 2nd Lt in King Edwards Horse


1920 Jul 11. Tank Corps. Lt P. A. Mules (K. Ed. Horse, Spec. Res.) relinquishes the actg, rank of Capt. (without pay) on ceasing to be empld. with the Corps.


1921 Jan A large number of the Secret Service Special Appointment men were on a raid . I assume that this list should not have been included in the archives.

P Attwood, RD Jeune, W Turner-Coles, EEJ Shiner, PA Mules, V de Sarigny, RH Leigh Bennett, GT Sugden, RM Debney


1921 Apr 1. 2nd K.E. Horse.—Lt. P. A. Mules relinquishes his commn., and is granted the rank of Capt.

1939 Apr 13 Died 31 Hinton Rd, Uxbridge, Middlesex,


Intelligence Dublin Castle