Clarence Bethune Newton


1891 Born London

1891 census in London


1920 Jun 24. . Capt C B. Newton, late Serv. Bn., York and Lane. R , to be temp Capt. whilst specially empld


1921 Aug 31. Spec. Appt., Cl. FF. —Temp. Capt. C. B. Newton, Gen. List, relinquishes his temp, appt.

1921 Aug 31. General List. Temp. Capt. C. B. Newton (Capt., ret.) resigns his commn., and retains the rank of Cap

1923 Oct 4. Married in London to Pepita Bertha Ursula Sevillia-Locher

1928 Divorce

1929 Married in London to Olive Elizabeth Rimmer


1963 Married to Denise Eugenie Virlogeux (she died 1965)

1968 Died Hove, Sussex


Intelligence Dublin Castle