Lodge Stephen Norman Palmer

medal cared l s n palmer

1878 Dec 26 born. He was 6ft 2inch when he joined the army

Served 5 years in NSW Regt of Artillery, including 11 months active service in South Africa

1910 Jan/Mar marriage of Lodge S N Palmer. Limerick Volume: 5 Page 257

1911 census

1911 census living at 6 Canal Bank,New Kilmainham, Dublin. They have one child Norman Jamesdon Barrington Palmer. He is described as a peat manufacturer, born in Queens County

1914 Nov 30. R. Dub. Fus. Temp. Capt. L. S. N. Palmer, from a Serv. Bn., to be temp. Capt. 7 Feb. 1917, with seniority from 30 Nov. 1914. (Substituted for notifications in Gaz. of 6 Feb. 1917, transfg. this offr. to Essex R., T.F.).

1915 Aug 16 Wounded in the neck by a bomb at Suvla Bay

1915 Sep 10 Landed back in England on Arcadian

1916 Jan 28 Gazetted Mention in Dispatches

B Coy 10th RDF in Dublin around May 1916

1916 Oct 23. Palmer Capt L S N was evacuated to England and struck off the strength of the 10th battalion RDF, dated 23/10

1917 Feb 7. Essex Regt.—Capt. L. S. N. Palmer, from the Royal Dublin Fus., to be Lt. (temp.). 7th Feb. 1917. Lt. L. S. N. Palmer to be temp. Capt. 7th Feb. 1917.

1917 Apr 4. Posted to 2/6 Essex Regt in Harrogate.

1918 May 16 torpedoed out of Alexandria. He was badly scalded and spent 3 weeks in hospital in Marseille.

1919 Feb 13. Temp. Capt. L. S. N. Palmer (R. Dub. Fus. (Serv. Bns.) to be actg. Maj. while 2nd in comd., 52nd Grad. Bn., North'd Fus.

1919 Nov 18. Temp. Capt. L. S. N. Palmer (R. Dub. Fus. (Serv. Bns.) relinquishes the actg. rank of Maj. on ceasing to be 2nd in comd., 52nd Bn., North'd Fus

. specially employed

1920 Jul 17 Spec. Appts CL II.—Temp Maj L. S. N. Palmer (late Serv. Bn., R. Dub Fus ).

1921 Feb 13 Relinquishes his Special Appointment a

1921 Feb 13, resigns his commission. Temp. Maj. L. S. N. Palmer (Maj., ret.), on ceasing to be emptd., I3 Feb. 1921, and retains the rank of Maj .

1926 un 26 Writes to army offeringhis services to gather intelligence on his forthcoming trip to Europe. They delined to offer him employent for this. And he wrote a number of such letters to the army over the years, and each one was declined.

1928 Dec 26. The undermentioned having attained the age limit of liability to recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off.:—Maj. L. S. N. Palmer.

1939 Jul 24. Funeral given in Times

palmer death

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