Major Arthur Raymond Boscawen Savage

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He was formerly RFA, was employed as an Intelligence Officer in the Dublin District. Sadly he had a severe drink problem throghout his Army career, and was forced to retire as an Intel. Officer.... having had reports against him from Dublin Castle and RIC. He applied as an Auxie and was accepted, only to die on 18 May 1921 aged 52 (before he could serve!) and was buried in Grangegorman Cemetery. His death was attributed to drink.

1868 Aug 7. . Birth registered at Medway District

1887 Jul 23. obtained his first commission in the Royal Artillery on promotion to 2nd Lieutenant from a Gentleman Cadet at the Royal Military Academy

1890 Jul 23. Royal Artillery, The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be Lieutenants: Arthur Raymond Boscawen Savage.

1894 Nov 15. The undermentioned Officers are seconded for service as an Adjutant of Volunteer Artillery. Lieutenant Arthur Raymond Boscawen Savage, Royal Artillery is granted the rank of Captain whilst serving as Adjutant.

1896 Jan 14. marries Emmy Cornelia Delius

1898 Apr 1. Royal Artillery. The undermentioned Lieutenants to be Captains :— Arthur R. B. Savage, .on the Seconded List

1903 Jul 29. The undermentioned Captains to be Majors:— Arthur R. B. Savage, vice E. A. Fanshawe.

1906 May 16. after reports of unfitness to command and addiction to alcohol, he was called upon to retire, and was appointed to the Reserve of Officers on retired pay.

1914 Aug 5. Re-employed

1915 Jul. Arrived in France.

1916 Jun 18. Second Lieutenant JOHN RAYMOND BOSCAWEN SAVAGE, R.F.C., aged 17, killed on June 18th, was educated at Mr. John's, Winton House, Winchester, and at Oundle. He joined the R.F.C. on his seventeenth birthday, received his pilot's certificate on October 18th last, his wings on February 3rd, and went to the Front in March. He was the last of the direct line of a fighting race—the Savages of the Ards, County Down. His father, Major Arthur Raymond Boscawen Savage, R.F.A., is fighting in the present war; his grandfather. Colonel Henry John Savage, 91st Highlanders, fought m South Africa against both Boers and Kaffirs ; his greatgrandfather, General John Boscawen Savage, R.E., fought in the Peninsular War ; and his great-great-grandfather, General Sir John Boscawen Savage, K.C.B., K.H., commanded the Marines in the battle of the Nile. His uncle, Colonel Henry Savage (South Staffordshire), who is now the head of the family, has fought in the Zulu and South African campaigns. Lieutenant Savage was shot by the German airman Immelmaim. in Immelmann's last fight

1916 Oct 8. Left UK

1916 Oct 20. Arrived Alexandria. Trained in RA Records there

1916 Nov 11. Arrived Salonika. Was in charge of Royal Artillery record office in Salonika till he retired with ill health Oct 1917. He had a staff of one officer, 3 Warrent Officers and about 50 RA clerks

1916 Nov 30 To hospital with diarrhea

1916 Dec 16 Discharged from hospital

1917 Oct 19 . Leaves Unit in Salonika and embarks for UK for short leave

1917 Nov 7. Arrives UK for a leave due till 3 Dec 1917

1917 Nov 29. Medical board finds him unfit for any service for 1 month. Struck off strength of Salonika Force

1918 Jun 22 . Relegated to unemployment on account of ill health on 22.6.1918.

1919 Mar 12. Special Appointments (Cl. GG.). — Maj. A. R. B. Savage, Reserve of Officers. He was employed in the Cable Censorship Department. He was living at 107 Philbeach Gardens, London

1919 Jul 24. The undermentioned relinquish their temp, appts. 24th July 1919: Spec. Appts., Cl GG: .Maj. A. R. B. Savage, R.A.

He tries to get a job in RA records as the Dept of Cable Censor where he was working was being abolished

1920 Nov 11. Re-commissioned, but not in Gazette as intelligence

1921 Apr 1. Released from the army. His release was not to be gazetted as he was Intelligence with CL II posting

1921 May 3. Applies to ADRIC for T/Cadet post

1921 May 11, He entered hospital in Dublin. Army correspondence says his condition was "not yet diagnosed"

1921 May 13 The following is extracted from a confidential testimony submitted to the Recruiting Officer of the R.I.C.(Major Cyril F Fleming): Major A. R. B. Savage, Royal Field Artillery, aged 53, obtained his first commission in the Royal Artillery on 23 July 1887. In 1906 after reports of unfitness to command and addiction to alcohol, he was called upon to retire, and was appointed to the Reserve of Officers. Major Savage was called up for service at the outbreak of the war, and, after a short term in France did duty with a Reserve Brigade at home until relegated to unemployment on account of ill health on 22.6.1918.

1921 May 18. Died and buried in CWGC grave at Grangegorman. The CWGC entry states he was an Intelligence Officer, Dublin District. Son of Col. Henry Savage (91st Regt.) and Isabel Savage; husband of Cornelie Savage, of 36, Chelsea Gardens, London.

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