Christopher John Bradwell Searle

Ancestry Tree

1896 Feb 19 .Born Acton

1896 Mar 16 Baptised

1901 census in Chiswick

1911 census at

1918 Feb 27 Commissioned 2nd Lt

1919 Dec 5. Class HH special appointment. Lt. C. J. B. Searle, 3rd S. Wales Bord., Spec. Res. 5th Dec. 1919.

Cl. GG.—Temp, Lt. .C. J. B. Searle, 3rd S. Wales Bord., Spec. Res., from. Cl. HH., vice temp. Lt. V. W. Wright, R.E., T.F., from 1st May to 19th July 1920. (Substituted for the notification in the Gazette of 16th Aug. 1920

1919 - 1920. He worked in Intelligence in Istanbul for, he says 2 years.

1920 Jul 19. The undermentioned relinquish their appts.: — SPECIAL APPOINTMENT. Cl. HH.- Lt C. J. B. Searle, 3rd S, Wales Bord., Spec. Res.

1920 Jul 22. 3rd S. Wales Bord.—Lt,. C. J. B. Searle relinquishes his commn., and retains the rank of Lt.

1921 Apr 1. Ceases to be employed

1921 May 18. Married in Dublin to Natalie Enkle

1922 Mar 27. S. Wales Bord. —The undermentioned to be Lts.: —. Lt. Christopher John Bradwell Searle, late Spec. Res. 27th Mar. 1922, with seniority 1st Nov. 1919

1939 Register. He is an Enquiry Agent living at Bryn Colwyn Centralene ,Worthing, Sussex, England. With wife Natalie

1969 Died Croydon


British Intelligence Dublin Castle