William Isham Brice Ware

1891 Feb 11. Born Cambridgeshire

1891 census at St Andrew the Less, Cambridgeshire,


1915 May 6. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1916 Mar 9. Landed in France

1919 Oct 20. Ox & Bucks. Temp. Lt. W. I. B. Ware relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lit

1920 Jun 17 Special Appointment


There are 9 Raid Reports where he was in charge of raids by Cheshire Regt

1921 Apr 1. Relinquishes commission Included on the list are LES Stokes, S Feary, WIB Ware, R Tottie, EE Stubbs

1921 Married Charlotte Johanna Handel

1939 Living in Ealing with wife Johanna Charlotte. He is a Carpet Salesman

1958 May 11. Died

Intelligence Dublin Castle

WO 339/40715