Stanley Williams, East Yorks

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1914 Sep 18 The undermentioned are granted the temporary rank of Captain: Stanley Williams, late Lieutenant, Rimington's Guides.

Rimington's Guides (also known as Rimington's Tigers or Rimington's Corps of Guides and then later as Damant's Horse) were a unit of light horse in the British Army active in the Second Boer War. They were led by Major M. F. (Mike) Rimington, later Colonel Rimington. He also led a column in the later stages of the war. The Rimington's Guides also had the name Rimington's Tigers due to the leopard skin hatbands worn on their slouch hats. Rimington gave his Corps of Guides the nickname "catch-'em-alive-o's while other forces gave him the nickname "The Night Cats" because of their night marches and stealth like movement. Rimington left the Guides in January 1901. The force was reorganised as Damant's Horse under Major Frederic Damant, Rimington's second-in-command, though they were often known by his name through the remainder of the war.

1914 Sep 24. Yorks Post reports Capt Stanley Williams as Adjutant of 2nd Hull Bat of East Yorks Regt

1920 Feb 20. E. York. R. , Temp. Capt. S. Williams relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Cap

1920 Jun 17 Special Appointment

1921 Apr 1. Relinquishes his commission on ceasmg to be empld. Temp. Capts., and retain the rank of Capt. : — S. Williams (Capt., ret.) General List



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