Larry Nugent

That night Larry Nugent slept in the same bed with Eamon Fleming. Both knowing the next day would be important but neither saying more than a few words.

Some men in K Company of the 3rd Battalion quickly began to regret that they had. K coy were at Morehampton Road. Larry Nugent found it difficult to get any information about what had happened on Bloody Sunday from any of them. ‘The men would not talk. Three men of K Company never returned to duty after the operation.’ Twice in his Bureau statement Nugent stated that ‘the men did not like this operation, but orders were orders and had to be obeyed’. It was ‘ outside the ordinary scope of the soldier ’ and some reacted to the pressure better than others. Unsteady nerves and shaking beginner’s hands explained why so many of the wounded survived

When a porter in a hotel in Exchequer Street would not give the room numbers to match the wanted names in the hotel register, the IRA thought about shooting every man in the place - From Nugents WS