John Begley

His body has never been found and there is no death certificate. There are too many MICs to see where he might have served in the British Army (described by IRA as an ex-soldier)

appeared on the list of ‘missing persons’ published in the Irish Times of 22 August 1921.

1897 Jul 15. Born Jackson's Terrace, Cork

1901 census at Caroline St, Cork

1911 census at Emmet Place, Cork

1921 Jul 11. Kidnapped, held, then shot in Cork

IRA Witness Statement On another occasion we received instructions to arrest another ex-British soldier named Begley who was alleged to be an enemy agent. We watched for him and at about noon one day, Tadg Twohig and I tracked him up Patrick Street. We were 'covered' by four or five men from "G" Company, all of whom were armed with revolvers. We arrested Begley and took him out of the City. He was detained for a day or so in a house and on Instructions from the Brigade he was executed by shooting

1922 Oct 6. His mother writes to Collins. From Annie Begley of 1 Rock Cottaages, North Mall, Cork for help in tracing her son. She gets a letter back saying that he was shot as a spy.

Shot by IRA as Spies