Bryan Bradley / Bernard Bradley

appeared on the list of ‘missing persons’ published in the Irish Times of 22 August 1921.

1863 Jun 4. Born Moynalty, Meath


1901 census at Ballintlieve ,Moynalty, Meath


1911 census at Ballintlieve ,Moynalty, Meath


1920 Nov 6 An assault case, it is difficult to know if this is connected wih his death

1921 Jan 2. Shot in Meath

IRA Witness Statement. One such man was a Carnaross man named Nicholas (sic) Bradley. He had fought in France in the first world war and was appointed postman in the village in nlace of one of our men Jack Tevlin, who had been arrested in connection with his I.R.A. activities. Living as he was among all the boys and with his advantage as postman, he was in a position to know every active T.R.A. man in the district. He used his oppontunity and compiled a list of every I.R.A. man in the area. In a raid on the local Post Office in the early spring of 1921, the list tonether with a letter from him were found among the mail, addressed to Dublin Castle. The list contained twenty-one names every one or whom were active I.R.A. men. He was arrested and courtmartialled. tie was found guilty and sentenced to death. Before his execution, Father Swan, a Kilmeasan man and a Curate in Moynalty, heard his Confession and administered the last rites of the Church. He was buried in Rathmaine Wood


Shot by IRA as British spies