Patrick Briody - shot 24 May 1921

On Tuesday the 24th of May 1921 at about 2am Patrick Briordy (Briody), a shoemaker, was shot dead outside his home at Mullahone about 10 miles from Cavan. At about 12.45am 30 men took Broady from his home and shot him about six hundred yards from his home, he had seventeen bullet wounds in his body, a note attached to his dead body read ‘Spies and informers beware, I.R.A.’ Broady leaves a wife and family.

1861 Born Co Cavan

1893 Marriage


1901 census at Dundevan, Kilcogy, Cavan)

1911 census at Mullahoran, Drumlumman, Cavan


1921 May 24 Shot in Co Cavan


IRA Witness Statement from local Commandant There were no spies shot in the area and I doubt if any such existed. What information the British had about us, I believe, was what was supplied by members of the R.I.C. who had been stationed in the area for a long time before things came to a head and, what they gathered from loose talk by the people as a whole. One man named Briody was shot in the Ballinagh area but not for spying. This man was a shoemaker and did work for the R.I.C. and Tans and, although warned to stop this several times, he refused to do so. In. an effort to persuade him forcibly he, unfortunately, was killed

IRA Witness Statement As I have already stated, theVolunteers had the co-operation of the majority of the general public.The remainder, perhaps,through fear,were not openly antagonistic.Only in one instance was it found necessary to execute a man found guilty of giving information to the enemy.The man,named Patrick Briody,was a shoe maker in the Glan Mullaghoran area; he had a good opportunity of picking up information through listening to the conversation of his customers who were sometimes indiscreet.The R.I.C. visited him very often under the pretext of taking their shoes for repairs.It was eventually discovered that he was giving them any information in his possession. As a result, he was arrested tried by court martial and shot as a spy.

Executed as spies by IRA