Patrick Cloonan


Volunteer Patrick Edward Cloonan, Maree Company, 3rd Battalion, Galway Brigade, IRA, was found shot dead on a beach in Galway. He had been taken been taken by persons unknown, believed to be members of the British forces, the previous day. Patrick Cloonan served with the Irish Volunteers from 1914, including the week of 23 to 29 April 1916.

The county inspector wrote in his monthly report that, "Cloonan was at one time an advanced Sinn Feiner, but latterly it was reported that he as endeavouring to cut away from the movement and go to America. It is believed that some of the Sinn Feiners thought he was about to give them away before he left and therefore, murdered him."

But a month later, the army investigated Cloonan's death. He was second in command of the Maree Volunteers, and a well-known republican policeman. They also found that there was an allegation that Cloonan was one of the group who ambushed Consts Browne and Ewings at Middlethird Oranmore on 13 May 1920 . The army concluded that, "this man probably was not killed by SF."



1893 Born



1921 Apr 6 Shot in Co Galway




Shot by IRA as British spies