John Cosgrove



There is a series of murders in this area, John Doran (an IRA man) in Jan 1921, James Smith and Hugh O'Hanlon (loyalists) murdered in Jun 1921 and John Cosgrove (a Sinn Fein supporter) murder late in Jun 1921

He appears to have been shot in a tit for tat after the shootings of two Loyalists O'Hanlon and Smith. 3 men arrived at his house in the middle of the night, took him outside and shot him


1921 Jun 13.


IRA Witness Statement. .John Cosgrave, Eshwary, farmer, taken from his house and shot in the early hours of 12th June. Cosgrave was a well-known Sinn Feiner.


£1500 compensation was later awarded to the widow


Shot by IRA as Spies