Thomas Cotter - shot 1 Mar 1921


1865 Dec 15 Born


1901 Census at Curraclogh , Warrenscourt, Cork


1901 Nov 28. Married


1911 Census at Curraclogh , Warrenscourt, Cork


1921 Mar 1. Thomas Cotter was shot at his home in Curraclough, Cork by two men who called at the house at 21.30. They shot him on the doorstep, and pined a notice on his back - "Convicted spy - IRA"

IRA Witness Statement . Sometime previous to this, Kilmmurray Company in the 1st Brigade area asked us to help them with the interrogation of a spy they had caught.This was done and the spy, after trail, was executed. The usual label was put on his chest and he was left in the avenue leading to his house . He was a farmer named Cotter and lived at Curraclough. Note he was actually shot at his house, there was no trial.




Civilians killed by IRA as Spies