John Crowley



1920 Jul 10, Disappeared , the ex-soldier John Crowley of Lissagroom near Upton went missing, according to a newspaper notice placed by his brother Michael in the Cork Examiner.

1920 Jul 24 Executed as a spy by the IRA

IRAWitness Statement Another job which did not come of was a prepared ambush for military cycle party in Ballinadee one Sunday. This was just for the purpose of disarming the party. Word came out from Cork at this time that there was an ex British soldier named Crowley in the Company Area who had informed on members of the party which had ambushed the R.I.C at Upton. For this he had got an award of 20 (Twenty Pounds) and had been promised another like sums was arrested and executed

IRA Witness Statement Arrest, trial and sentence of death on spy, Crowley, in Cross Pound, with Tom Hales, Dick Barrett, Chas. Hurley.

The body does not appear to have been found and no death certificate exists



Shot by IRA as British spies