Martin Dermody

Pertinent to this episode is the following. Three men died and have been confused

There is no Martin Dermody in the area in the 1911 census, though there is a Married John Dermody in the townland of the right age


1883 Born From Pension record

1900 Oct 26. Enlisted in Leinster Regt

1919 Dischared Leinster Regt (SWB Sickness)



1921 May 17 Shot in Kilkenny with Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe shot same day

IRA Witness Statement Kelly and I rejoined Alyward and the remainder of the Column a few days later at Ballylarkin. The officers of the Kilmanagh Company produced sworn evidence that a British ex-soldier named Michael Keefe had guided the British forces during the round-up. following the occupation of Kilmanagh. Keefe's friend, another ex-soldior named Martin Darmody, was also involved. I had experience of Darmody during the day we were in Kilmanagh. He was very troublesome, threatening our men what they would not have done to them, and we had to lock him up in a pig-house. Alyward was definitely satisfied with the evidence and it was decided to execute both men Two members of the Column were detailed for the task and, accompanied by two members of the Kilmanagh Company, they took Keefe and Darmody prisoners and brought them to a sand pit at Barrack where the executions were carried out.



Shot by IRA as British spies