John Fitzgerald

1890 Born circa 1890 in Kerry. I canot get the right birth cert


1917 Nov 10 Taken prisoner at Ypres

This is his next of kin on the POW report. If it was his sister, then he was born 18 Jan 1894, which does not tie in with either POW info on his dob



1921 Jun 3. Shot at Tralee

IRA Witness Statement At the time of my arrest subsequent to the shooting of Benson, while in the County Jail I met one of our mena man named George Nagle who had been arrested sometime earlier. Nagle informed me that an ex-British soldier named John Fitzgerald had pointed him (Nagle) out to the Tans as an I.R.A .man. Apart from this our scouts had him under observation and were aware that he had been helping the Tans. for some time. Nagle's story was the first definite proof we had of Fitzgerald's activities .I reported the matter to the Battalion Commandant , Michael Doyle, and to the Brigade 0/C. He was courtmartialled .An order came from the Brigade 0/C to shoot him. I conveyed the order to the Battalion Flying Column. Fitzgerald was duly executed at Ballybeggan Racecourse on the 6th June, 1921.

IRA Witness Statement Early in June, 1921, John JoeSheehy sent for Michael Sheehy, ThomasBarrett, Pat Cantillon, Percy Hanifan and I and told us that an ex-British soldie rnamed John Fitzgerald was to be arrested and tried by courtmartial as an agent of the enemy. Fitzgerald had been under suspicion for a long time but nothing definite could be proved against him. The Brigade Staff had at last received definite information that he had identified certain men to the Tans as being members of the I.R.A. and had issued the order for his arrest and Courtmartial. Michael Sheehy, Barrett, Cantillon, Hanisanand I arrested Fitzgerald in front of Path Churchyard on the night of 6th June,1921, took him through the graveyard to Ballybeggan racecourse. He resisted arrest and very nearly escaped. He was recaptured, however,and handed over to members of the Battalion and Brigade Staff. who were awaiting us on the racecourse. John Joe Sheehy presided at the Courtmartial which was held on the spot. After evidence of the supply of certain names of members of the I.R.A. and other information relating to the activities of the I.R.A. generally, by the prisoner to the enemy, had been furnished to the Court, Fitzgerald was sentenced to death.John Joe Sheehy took charge of the execution which was carried out there and then. The men taking part in th eexecution used revolvers. The body was labelled "Spy": .The exacution took place on a Friday night but the body was not found until Monday evening.




Shot by IRA as British spies