Michael Hackett

O'Rourke has him as being shot, but I cannot get him in press, death certs, or witness statements - quoting Hackett -Executions by IRA 1921 (NLI, CP, Microfilm 920).

There appears to have been a spy shot in Carlow at this time, but he may have been called Finn

1921 Jun 1. Shot Carlow

IRA Witness Statement

On Monday [21 April 1921], about midday, a mixed patrol of R.I.C. and Tans from Bagenalstown and military from Carlow came via Borris to Graiguenamanagh and apparently picked up a spy named Finn on the road near Graigue. They returned by the back road of Inch and were absolutely covering the column, who were out in a field for exercise, before the column saw them. Finn disappeared after being seen the evening of the shooting, and it is believed he was in the lorries at Mullinagown.All atempts to find him failed, but later on he appeared in the Ballinree area and was captured, but he escaped from an old house where he was locked in. Next morning he was taken again quite near Borris, apparently on his way to the barrack. He was tried and executed. He is said to have had a big amount of money on him.


IRA Witness Statement After 1920, the sources of British information about the I.R.A. had so dried up that Tans and soldiers were travelling the country as spies, disguised as tramps and bacháchs. One of these had spied on the A.S.U .men, called the British to their location. He was captured near the Tans barracks in Borris by men of the 4th battalion soon afterwards ,arrested, and detained. He tried to disarm the guard, was shot dead, and nearly £100 was found on him. [The IRA mandoes not name the spy]


Shot by IRA as British spies