John Joseph Hickey

I am trying to find some information on a Volunteer named John Hickey who was shot dead on Sunday 12th December 1920 by men in civilian clothes who approached him and a friend at Merrion Gates in Dublin. He died in Baggot Street Hospital on Tuesday 14th and was buried Sunday 19th in his native Dun Laoghaire. He seems to have been left out of any accounts of the WOI left by members of the IRA in South County Dublin. With your knowledge of this period would you possibly be able to point me in the right direction in terms of where to look for info on Hickey. I tried Kew Archives for his inquest but alas to no avail. Any help much appreciated. Kind Regards, James Brady

Certainly he was shot then, but I cannot actually substantiate whohe was. I cannot find a John Hickey with a father Michael in the censuses, nor can I get a birth certificate

1920 Dec 12. Shot in the street in Dublin


Shot by IRA as British spies