Patrick Joyce

appeared on the list of ‘missing persons’ published in the Irish Times of 22 August 1921.

Patrick Joyce, who was the National School teacher at Barna, Galway, was taken from his house and shot. The IRA intercepted a number of his letters, which he sent to a range of recipients - Police, Dublin Castle. Their content disclosed he names of many IRA activists. The body was secretly buried in a bog. Meanwhile the police and army were searching for him, and threats were issued without avail. It has apparently now been exhumed

1873 Born Co Galway


1892 Aug 24 Married to Margaret Donohoe


1899 Child born


1901 census at Teeranea, Gorumna, Galway


1911 census at Kimmeenmore , Barna, Galway


.1920 Oct 16 (Sat) . A nationalist school teacher Patrick Joyce was kidnapped from Barna by the IRA, and murdered - he was believed to be an informer. The local Auxiliaries were ceratinly upset at Joyce's disappearance and tried via threats to get him released. But Joyce was shot and buried in an unmarked bog grave

IRA Witness Statement


Joyce's body was finally found in the summer of 1998. Reporting appears to have been limited

THE remains of a man shot as an informer in 1920, which were discovered in a shallow grave in Barna, Co. Galway, two weeks ago, have still not been buried as the gardaí are waiting on family members to make arrangements. The principal of Barna school, Patrick Joyce, was shot by the IRA and his makeshift coffin was found by a local amateur archaeologist in a remote bog. The discovery has sparked considerable interest among historians and local people for whom the events of that period still strike a chord. The gardaí in Salthill are awaiting a decision from the two grandsons and granddaughter of Patrick Joyce to determine what should be done with the remains. The gardaí were successful in contacting one of Joyce's grandsons in Dublin but since then all communications with the Salthill station have come through solicitors. A garda spokesman said the remains were still in the morgue at University College Hospital and they were now awaiting instructions from the family as to the funeral arrangements. For years after the schoolteacher was shot in October 1920 there was a variety of accounts of what happened his body and despite several intensive searches, his grave had not been found. Joyce had wished his body to be given to his family after he was shot but this was not acceded to by the IRA and his wife and two sons moved from Galway to live in Dublin shortly after the killing. Padraig Joyce was the principal of Barna national school and was known as a recruitment officer for the British forces at the time and an informer about IRA volunteers. This became known to the IRA who kidnapped him and executed him after a court martial. Joyce's three grandchildren, one of whom has been living in Australia for many years, are in their late sixties or early seventies and the gardaí are waiting for them to make appropriate funeral arrangements. The items found in the coffin belonging to Joyce which include his pocket watch, glasses and some coins will all be returned to his next of kin at the moment they are in the possession of the Garda Technical Bureau in Dublin. Joyce was just one of 56 people that disappeared in the 9 MONTH period to July 1921 (Irish Times 22/8/1998). (also Irish Times)


Shot by IRA as British spies