Patrick Keelan


Nothing in Press, no death cert and nothing in ensus. But he certainly was killed

appeared on the list of ‘missing persons’ published in the Irish Times of 22 August 1921.

The IRA Witness Statement describes Keelan as a "young man" which throws doubts on this man in the cesuses being the missing man


1901 census at Eden , Kilmainham, Meath


1911 census at Eden , Kilmainham, Meath


1921 Jul 2. Kidnapped in Meath. By August he is on the list of civilians put out by Dublin Castle as kidnapped and unaccounted for.


IRA Witness Statement Another young men named Keelin from Kilmainhamwood was very intimate with the Tans. It was known that he was giving them whatever Information he could. The I.R.A. thought that by giving him a fright he might realise the gravity of his behaviour, so he was arrested and taken to an unknown destination". This was an unused house in tower Leitrim, the property of a Miss McMahon of Mullagh. After being detained for a few weeks, he was severely cautioned and released. It was misplaced leniency. After his release he travelled the countryside with the Tans in their raids and brought them to the house in which he had been detained. They burned it to the ground. He was kept under observation and at the first opportunity was rearrested. At the courtmartial which followed he was found guilty and was later executed.



Shot by IRA as British spies