Henry Kerr


1901 census at Corvoy, Tullycorbett, Monaghan


1911 census at Corvoy, Tullycorbett, Monaghan


1921 Mar 25 Shot Monaghan

IRA Witness Statement Our Intelligence, about mid March, 1921, intercepted. a letter passing through the post, addressed to the 0/C .Military Barracks, Monaghan, in which the writer, a man named Harry Carr, stated that there were a number of other members of the Tullycorbett Company who should be arrested. We sent a few Volunteers to interview this man, posing as British military. Carr was asked how he could be so definite as to who were members of the local Company. He took his visitors to the door and showed them the Volunteer Drill Hall a short distance from them and said, "Many a night I was there peeping through the window when drilling was taking place". This man a was shot as a spy on Good Friday night 1921.





Shot by IRA as British spies