Patrick Larmer/Larmour

Born Patrick Joseph Larmer. He became a Volunteer, was captured by the British and gave them information. He confessed what he had done, and was regardless shot as an informer. The shooting was at the same time as Frank McPhillips

1898 May 28. Born Monaghan


1901 census at Maghernaharny, Lisnaveane, Monaghan


1911 census at Maghernaharny, Lisnaveane, Monaghan


1921 Mar 9. Shot Monaghan

IRA Witness Statement On the following Sunday was sending a dispatch to Terry McGeeat Latton by a dispatch bearer named When Larmour came as far as Rockcorry church gate a crowd of young fellows were on the road tossing halfpence and he stopped and took part in the game. A patrol of Tans came along and held up and searched all the men on the road and found the dispatch on Larmour. He was arrested and later he devulged all he knew; he gave the names of all the members of the Rockcorry Company and they in turn were all arrested....

Larmour,whom I have mentioned about previously, was released from Belfast Jailin April 1921, and he returned home to Rockcorry area. He lost no time in getting in touch with the local Volunteer officers whom he instructed to meet him at the house of a man named McCabe of Baraghy, Co.Cavan. We met him there and he made a full confession of all he had told to the Tans, which I wrote down for him in the form of a statement which he signed. In this statement he emphasised that he told the Tans nothing but what they already knew. He was subsequently arrested by the Volunteers. I attended a Brigade meeting which was held at Tullycorbett, at which General O'Duffy and Dan Hogan attended. When the meeting was over I was preparing to leave when O'Duffy noticed the fact and told me to wait.

He then informed me that Larmour was to be courtmartialled During this conversation something happened or was said. which gave me the impression that Larmour was to be shot. I protested against shooting him and O'Duffy said it would be an example and a warning ,to others. I replied that it would be very bad to take a young life as a warning. I said that I believed that Larmour told the Tans nothing but what they already knew. I also stated that I was with young Larmour on his first night out on a volunteer operation when we had more men than arms to go round, and I asked for volunteers to man the arms we had and that Larmour was the first to step forward and say, "I never was out before on a job but I am prepared to do my bit" .After the above conversation with O'Duffy I told him I was in a hurry to get home as I had a horse closed in a house all that day and that I was anxious to get him out. I got permission to leave .The courtmartial on Larmour was held and a sentence of death was imposed. He was kept under guard for some days afte rhis trial. He was then executed along with another spy from the Monaghan Battalion area, named McPhilips.Those executions took place at Aghab



Shot by IRA as British spies