Dan Lucey

Daniel Lucey appeared on the list of ‘missing persons’ published in the Irish Times of 22 August 1921.

1896 Born Difficult to tell from parents census entries

1901 census at Macroom

1911 census at Macroom

1921 Jan 20. The date of his kidnapping

1921 Mar 20 Shot in Cork

IRA Witness Statement Towards the end of February, 1921, a prisoner was handed over to Kilcorney Company by members of Macroom Battalion of Cork 1 Brigade. He was held prisoner in the area for about a week before he was tried as a spy and executed. He was tried by members of Cork 1 Brigade but I am unable to furnish any further details. I think that the name of the prisoner was Dan Lucey. This was during the week prior to the ambush at Clonbanin Cross.

IRA Witness Statement About this time, we laid a trap for a suspected spy in the area, in conjunction with some men from Ballinagree company. The unfortunate fellow fell for it, so he did not spy any more. Our spy was visited by two men from Donoughmore area, disguised as British officers. He was asked if he had seen any of "the boys"- meaning I.R.A. men - lately . He gave his questioners all the informatio he had, while, with some other men from Rusheen company, I waited outside the door. He was taken prisoner on the spot, and was held prisoner for about a fortnight, during which time he was tried by the Brigade Staff, and senteneed to death. He was executed after a fair trial in Kilcorney area, Millstreet Battalion, Cork II Brigade. His name was Dan Lucey

Macroom volunteer Charlie Brown recalled this man: ‘Lucey, who was of good family, was married and his brother was a priest. He was of violent temper and he was quarrelsome in disposition. He had fallen out with a few Volunteers in Ballinagree [Ballynagree]. He was seen talking to the Auxies in Macroom, so the lads sent a party of men dressed in British uniforms to his house and he told them about the local lads, so they took him north of Mushera, where they shot him and buried him.’ See Interview with Charlie Brown, Ernie O’Malley Notebooks, P17b/112 (UCDA).

His mother Ellen Lucey was awarded compensation of £900 and £30 10s. in legal costs for the death of her son, which was assumed to have occurred on 21 January 1921. Private Persons Injured (CO 905/15, TNA).

Shot by IRA as British spies