George Lysaght



1873 Born Co Cork


1896 William Lysaght bought Kilburry in 1896 and shortly afterwards it passed to his son George.


1903 Aug 25 Married in Dublin


1911 census at Kilburry East , Anner, Tipperary


1921 Mar 7 Shot Tipperary. Taken to a Dublin Hospital


1921 Jun 20 Died in the Dublin Hospital

IRA Witness Statement Lysaght's case was somewhat different.. He was an extensive landowner- his estate has since been divided up into a number of farms by the Irish Land Commission. He was a very outspoken man, violently opposed to Sinn Féin and the I.R.A., and a friend, of British Army officers and of the R.I.C. Like.Stone, he was not taken a prisoner and I personally do not know what definite charge was against him or on what evidence the court of brigade and battalion officers who investigated his case ordered his execution. He was shot from long range on his lands at Kilburry.


Buried St Johns, Buttevant, Cork

And compensation was awarded

Shot by IRA as British spies