Francis Leo McMahon/ Alphonsus Leo McMahon


He appeared on the list of ‘missing persons’ published in the Irish Times of 22 August 1921 as Francis Leo McMahon . However research by Dr. Andy Bielenberg has established from his marriage certificate, and the record of his wife’s compensation claim in late 1921, that he was born Alphonsus Leo McMahon who went by the name of Francis. This man was not a Protestant nor Freemason.


1894 Feb 5.


1911 census at Shanakiel Town , St. Mary's, Cork


1915 May 20 . Enlisted in Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in WW1. He served in 1st Battalion (from medal rolls)

1918 Apr 13. Discharged "sick" with SWB


1920 Apr 28. Married Mary Cronin in Cork. His wifes address is from where she submitted her compensation claim after his disappearance and death.


1921 May 19. Abducted and killed by the IRA. Francis Leo McMahon who was identified as a spy by Josephine Marchment Brown, the IRA spy in the office of British Intelligence in Cork.

IRA Witness Statement It was, so far as I can remember, in June, 1921, when we received instructions from the Brigade to arrest and execute a civilian spy by the name of McMahon We picked him up as he was point to work and took him out to the country in a two-wheeled cab. He was shot by members of the Active Servic Unit.

Mrs Mary McMahon of 6 Woodland View, Western Road, applied for £3,000 in compensation for the loss of her husband, who was kidnapped on 19 May 1921. He was an ex-soldier and a clerk in the War Pensions Office. He had been kidnapped while going to work on the morning of 19 May . It was at the corner of Queens Street and the South Mall that three men forced him into a car and took him away. About three weeks later, Mrs McMahon received word that her husband had been court-martialled and executed. The Recorder of Cork awarded her £2,000.


Shot by IRA as Spies