William Moran

William Moran, a shoemaker and ex-soldier, was taken at night from his home in Lord George's Lane and shot. His body was found next morning in the marsh with a label tied on, on which were the words "Spies, beware!". If he were to have been in the army, it was a long time before his death.

Later four houses were burnt in Abbeyside in reprisal. The public house was owned by Bridget Fahey who swore an affidavit that her business was burnt by the RIC.

1856/1866 Born his age is all over the place

1883 Married


1901 census at Borheenatra Street , Dungarvan


1911 census I cannot find the family

1912 Feb 2 His Son Patrick Enlisted in British Army - 1914 May 5. Left British Army. The family address is given as Davis St, Dungarvin

1914 Sep 22. His son Patrick enlisted in British Army and deserted in Dec 1915. The family were at Davis St, Dungarvin

1921 Apr 13 . Shot in Waterford. Still living at David St, Dungarvin


"The Dead of the Irish Revolution" states "Patrick Power recorded that the body bore the label "Spies Beware - shot by the IRA" Moran, who was known to frequent police Barracks, was shot by members of Dungarvan Company"

His family filed a compensation claim, and were paid £50 as an "Agreed British Liability".

Shot by IRA as British spies