John Sandy/Sardy Nagle

The choice here is whether Nagle was a spy or a tramp. The British Inquest is not findable in the records. My feeling is that he was a genuine spy, being run by Captain O'Sullivan out of Killarney

1921 Mar 25. Shot Kerry

This is undoubtedly his death certificate, as it is at Cleady Bridge and the correct day.

IRA Witness Statement The Battalion 0/C, Humphrey O'Sullivan, had brought in a prisoner named Sandy Nagle suspected of being a British spy. He had. been arrested in the Barraduff area. Sandy Nagle was questioned that night. The column moved out of Kilquane that night and went to Gortarrig at the foot of the Paps Mountain

Ryle Dwyer"Tans, Terror and Troubles"

" Headland where a local IRA unit was holding two British deserters and had suspicions about an itinerant called Sardy Nagle, because he had been seen in the company of a British Intelligence officer called Captain O'Sullivan a British Intelligence officer stationed in Killarney. Sardy was in his 30s, about average height, with a heavy build and a dark drooping moustache. . He was seized and questioned, but protested that he was not a spy. "

next morning 21 Mar 1921, the column set off to mount the Headland Train Ambush.

"Sardy was tied up with the two British deserters and left in a cowshed" Later

"..the IRA decided that the tramp , Sardy Nagle, was indeed a spy. One man reported to Captain O'Sullivan in Killarney having heard him giving information about the IRA to Captain O'Sullivan in Killarney. The man is reputed to have recognised Sardy's voice because he sang a song for which he was noted "take me back to my dear old mother and there let me live and die" This was enough to seal his fate. Tom McEllistrim shot him and his body was dumped on the Kenmare - Headford road, about two and a half miles from Kenmare, at Claidy Cross, where he was found on Good Friday morning. He had been blindfolded, his hands had been tied behind his back and around his neck was a card bearing the words "All spies beware - IRA" He had been shot three times in the head and three times in the heart"

Shot by IRA as British spies