John Poynton , executed 11 Jul 1921


Newspaper reports say two armed, masked men dragged him from his bed at 3 a.m. and shot him. He was ex-RIC. It is difficult to know if he was killed because he had been in the RIC for a short period (2 weeks), or whether it was because he socialised with local RIC.

He was shot a 3am on the morning of the Truce

1898 Jul 3

1901 census at Kilbride, Ballybrittas, Queen's Co.


1911 Census living at Kilbride, Ballybrittas, Queen's Co.


1920 Dec 6. Joined RIC at the same time as his brother Ambrose

1920 Dec 12. His father died unexpectedly of a heart attack

1920 Dec 20 Resigned from RIC for "family reasons"

1921 Jul 11. Shot outside his home


TNA File Death of John Poynton; 11th July, 1921; Kilbride, Portarlington, County Laois.


1940 Apr 29 His mother Emily died at Kilbride. One oher married daughters was present at death. And Ancestry trees show at least one other daughter in the area, though many of the other siblings went to England to live



Shot by IRA as British spies