Bernard Ward


He appears to have been drowned by the IRA. The body was never found


1911 census at Henry Street, Roscommon is probably him


1920 Nov 6. Michael Gunning, also of Henry Street , was abducted on 30 Oct 1920

IRA Witness Statement

1921 Aug. He is on the Missing List as Bernard Ward

Compensation Claim. Agreed British Liability £2500

Shot by IRA as British spies

Between 1913 and 1919, seven of the ten-man, Dunsandle Grazing Land Committee were wounded in separate gun attacks. Throughout the period, seven former members of the Killconieron and Killimordaly United Estates Committee, plus two of their supporters remained under constant police protection. The fact that so many people in such a small area were accompanied by police patrol twenty-four hours a day and that even these drastic measure failed to prevent attacks, attests to the determination of the agitators. Peter Fahy, James Ward, Patrick Lally, Dermot Dempsey, Michael Kennedy, John Broderick, Bernard Ward and Mary Finn, see, Cl monthly report, east Galway, July & August 1914, CO 904/94. There were two categories of police protection available at the time, protection by patrol and constant protection. Constant protection involved the individual being accompanied at all times by two or more policeman