William Francis Jeffries

special appointment

Said by RD Jeune to have been part of the intelligence set up in Dublin when Jeune was there. After leaving Ireland Jeune (after Bloody Sunday) says that Jeffries together with a staff officer Cameron, set up a "proper" secret service in Ireland, which was sucessfully accomplished. This seems to have happened in Dec 1920

Major later Brig William Francis Jeffries 1891 - 1969. Intelligence Dublin and Horse Guards 1920 to 1921

1891 Oct/Dec .Born in Brighton. only son of William Carey Jeffries, MD, Coolcarron, Co. Cork, and Maud Grace Kennedy, Ballinamultina, Co. Waterford; His parents lived in Brighton

1894 His father died in Brighton

Educated at Downside and Trinity College, Cambridge

1912 - 1913 Travelled in East. Wrote about his experiences "Two Undergraduates in the East, 1914"

1914 Aug. 2nd Lieut Royal Dublin Fusiliers (SR); served European War, 1914–18, France (wounded battles of Ypres, 1915 and Somme, 1916, despatches twice, DSO); Major, 1917;

1916 Dec 16. Graded as Staff Lieutenant.

1918 27 Jul in Times for DSO

1919-1920 Secretary, HM Legation to Vatican, Rome

1919 Nov 24. Maj. W. F. Jeffries, D.S.O., from R.D. Fus., to be Maj. 13th June 1923, with seniority 24th Nov. 1919.

1920 Married Leila Downing,  d of Francis Downing, Ballyvelly, Tralee, Co. Kerry; one s ; died 12 July 1969

1920 Dec 15 The undermentioned relinquish their temp, appts. Capt. W. F. Jeffries, D.S.O., 3rd R,Dub Fus,Spec. Res

1920 Dec 15 Relinquish commission. 3rd R.D. Fus; Capt. W. F. Jeffries, D.S.O., 15th Dec. 1920, and is granted the rank of Maj.


1920-1921 Intelligence Staff, Dublin and Horse Guards

1920 Dec 15 Special Appointment Class HH. Capt. W. F. Jeffries, D.S.O., 3rd R,D Fus Spec. Res, 15th Dec

1920 Dec 15. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. : 3rd R.D. Fus; Capt. W. F. Jeffries, D.S.O., 15th Dec. 1920, and is granted the rank of Maj

1922 Major Reserve of Officers

1923 - 1927 Administrative Officer, Southern Nigeria

1938 Maj., Gen. Staff

1940 Col, Gen. Staff, Special Employment,

1943 Brig. CMF, 1943.

1945 Officer, American Legion of Merit

1938 - 58 Secretary of Junior Carlton Club

1945 CBE

Lived at Broomfield House, Sunningdale, Berks

1965 Died Sussex

British intelligence in Dublin Castle