Patrick Conry

Apparently murdered by Protestant para-militaries, in revenge for the death of Thomas Satchwell, an RIC Constable from the same village

The local IRA maintained that Sergeant King was responsible for Conroy’s murder. King was a local RIC Sergeant an d was believed to run the "Castlerea Murder Gang" . He was also believed, on the night of the 22nd of June 1921 with a force of RIC and Black and Tans led by Sergeant King to have surrounded the Vaughan family home at Cloonsuck, Roscommonand shot a number of men inside

1901 Mar 19 Born Tarmon, Roscommon


1911 census at Termon More , Castlereagh, Roscommon


1921 Apr 7 Shot in Co Roscommon. The same night James Monds was shot by what appears to be the same group


Shot by IRA as British spies