James Devoy

This is the only mention I can find to him , and it comes from a witness statement that says he was shot.. The name is fairly unique, and this would seem to be him born Wicklow, and in an Industrial School in Cork in 1911


1899 Aug 5, Born Co Wicklow


1911 census at Danesfort Industrial School, Upton Cork (Innishannon, Bandon). This is the parish where David Nagle was married


1917 Jul 14. Baltinglass Petty Sessions


IRA Witness Statement We had important prisoners from the 3 rd Brigade and from Cork City.There were at least six executed; three British soldiers were captured and executed in the prisonyard, following the 'shoot at sight 'order'.Then there were three civilians shot. One was Nagle from Waterfall. Another was named McCarthy and the other was Jimmy Devoy. They were all giving information to the British. It was Nagle who informed on Leo Murphy who was taken and shot by the British at Waterfall. Note-prisoners were blindfolded coming and going in case of leakage. If they were being taken away to be handed over to the Unit we were minding them for, we blindfolded them in case we were come on by the British and had to leave them. Then they would not know the way they had been brought. However, the authorities never found out the prison and they were often within sight of it. The guards had orders in case of raids to shoot the prisoners



Shot by IRA as British spies