Alfred Charles Reilly


see "Disappearances"

1863 Born Cork


1882 Gets BA from University of London

1887 Feb 9. Married Louisa Mason Brewitt in Great Dalby, Leicestershire, England


1901 census living at Monfieldstown, Douglas, Cork


1910 Feb 16 His wife Louisa died of pneumonia in Cork


1911 census living at Monfieldstown, Douglas, Cork


1912 Jun 12. Married in Hampstead All Souls, England to Agnes Johnson


1913 Almanac



1921 Feb 9. Shot in Cork


IRA Witness Statement

IRA Witness Statement 10th February 1921.Riley, living in Douglas, was shot in his home at night. This man was a member of the senior secret service of the Y.M.C.A. He was manager of the large grocery premises of Woodford Bourne & Co., Patrick St., Cork. [ note it was Beale who was manager of Woodward, Bourne & Co] With Riley that night was a retired British army officer names Major O'Connor. He, too, was shot and killed. Note this WS is confusing dates of the two men shot. Connor was shot in July




His second wife Agnes. She claimed compensation for the killing of her husband on February 9, 1921, near his residence - Hill House. The Recorder of Cork city awarded £4,500 to her and another £4,500 to their daughter.

And his obituary from Leys School Cambridge reads

Not the least tragically ironic of the outrages wrought, on either side, in the name of Irish peace, order, liberty, was the murder of this O.L. Good will and humour marked him when he was swimming champion and first XV. man at school; and so onward through life. Loyal too he was in no narrow sense—to the Leys and Leysian associations, to Methodism, to the Kingdom, and to his own particular county and district. He would adjust, from time to time, his London visits to Leys or Old Leysian fixtures. He was an assiduous voluntary church organist for thirty-eight years, attended yearly the Irish Metho-dist Conference, was its lay delegate on occasion to the English one. A political Unionist by conviction, he had South Irish sympathies and business interests, being Managing Director of the chief bakery and catering concern in Cork, and promoter (with other Methodists) of conciliation in the case of its late Lord Mayor. On leaving school he matriculated at London University, to complete his degree there three years later. One son he sent to the Leys and lost in the war another died earlier. His mother, widow and daughter survive' in whose lamentations and loss, courage and tolerance, we desire respectfully to claim a share




Shot by IRA as British spies