Sean Daly


W.S.No.727 by Michael Joseph Lawless, member of E.Co.2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade I was ordered to report at the Painters Hall, Gloucester Street, ( as it was then ) on the Saturday night 20-11-20 by my Company Officer, B.Byrne. There I met a few other men and we received orders from somebody of G.H.Q ( I cannot remember whom ).The orders were to be at Dunlop House, afterwards Oriel House ( corner of Westland Row and Merrion Row ) on the following Sunday morning at 9 o,clock. Myself and Johnny McDonnell ( brother of Paddy McDonnell, very well known G.A.A.footballer of the period- St.Laurence O,Toole Club ) and Willie Maher, as we lived near one another, arrived there together and met there Herbert Conroy and Sean Daly ( London Irish-Kimmage pre 16- later E.Company 2nd Battalion brother of Liam Daly of Old Dublin Brigade Association ).Tom Ennis then arrived. We were all Ecompany members.Ennis was in charge. He told us what the job was........-

Only 3 people who were at 38 Upper Mount Street, made Witness Statement.-Vinny Byrne, Thomas Duffy and Michael .J.Lawless


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