Capt George de Brisey Wooldridge

wooldridge swb

1882 Oct/Dec Birth registered Wandsworth "George De Bresy Wooldridge"

1884 Oct 26 Baptised. Wandsworth, London

1891 census a visitor aged 7, with his father a Dramatic Actor and Author Leoteck B Wooldridge and mother Mary E Wooldridge

1901 Not on census

1904 Nov 10. Leaves UK for New York on SS Oceanic

On the same group of Special Appontments as Peel (escaped murder on Bloody Sunday) and Bodger

1913 Jan/Mar marries Louise S Wells at Strand, London

He appears to join 2/8 Hants, a Territorial Battalion. Hants 2/8th (Isle of Wight Rifles, Princess Beatrice's) Battalion Formed at Newport (Isle of Wight) in December 1914 as a home service ("second line") unit. Moved to Hursley Park and then on to Bournemouth. 1 September 1916 : absorbed by 4th Reserve Bn. I assume that he did noy go overseas, and hence no Medal Index Card.

1916 Aug 10. Capt G de B Wooldridge relinquishes his commission in Hants Regt. on the grounds of ill-health.

1920 Aug 6. To be temp Capt while "Specially Employed" (Bodger and Peel are on same group)

Dwyer's The Squad refers to Wooldridge working with Stokes. Also there is a record of him showing Neligan doctored ammunition, marked ZZ, that the British were feeding the republicans - the bullets were booby-trapped and would explode.

1924 Dec 6. died Marylebone, London

1924 Jan 17 Probate

Dublin Castle Intelligence