Victor Marcel Charles Barrois de Sarigny

There were two brothers called Sarigny both serving Officers, one born in England (this man) and one born in South Africa (his younger brother Rene)

1882 Jan/Mar Born Richmond, Surrey son of Count and Countess de Sarigny. The family appears to have gone to South Africa before 1891 census

1900 in South African campaign . Mr V de Sarigny Army Pay Corps, Natal.

1914 Sep 13. Private in the 4th Infantry (First Eastern Rifles) in the South West African Campaign which lasted  from 13 September 1914  to 9 July 1915. He appears to have gone to UK then and joined British Army

1915 Aug 15. Commissioned Victor Marcel Charles Barrois de Savigny, 3rd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment.

1915 Nov 1 Served with 5 Reserve Aeroplane Squadron in Warwickshire

1915 Dec 28 Leaves 5 Reserve Aeroplane Squadron

1915 Dec 28 Aviators Cert no 2240 awarded to Victor Marcel Charles Barrois de Sarigny (Maurice Parman Biplane, Military School, Birmingham).

1916 May 16. RFC appointment, Flying Officer. 2nd Lt. (on prob.) V. M. C. B. de Savigny, York, and Lane. R., Spec. Res., and to be seed.

1917 Mar 13. RFC appointment. Balloon Officers. — 2nd Lt. (on prob.) V. M. C. B. de Savigny, York & Lane. R., Spec. Res., from a Flying Officer.

1917 Jul 1. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts. V. M. C. B. de Savigny, and to remain seed.

1919 Aug 1. Posted to N Russia. Flying Officer V. M. C. B. de Sarigny to be actg. Flight Lt. whilst empld. as Flight Lt. (K.B.), from 1st Aug. 1919 to 14th Oct. 1919.

1919 Sep 20. Back from Russia to UK on HMS Czar

1919 Dec 22 MID gazetted Flying Officer Victor Marcel Charles Barrois De Sarigny. (NORTH- RUSSIA)

1920 May 11. Transferred to RAF unemployed list.

1920 Jun 2. Lt. Victor Marcel C. B. de Sarigny relinquishes his temporary RAF commission on appointment to a commission in the Army. 2nd June 1920.

1920 Jun 2. Special Appointment Cl. II.—Temp. Lt. V. M. C. B. de Savigny, Gen. List. Lt. V. M. C. B. de Savigny, late 3rd York & Lane. R., (Spec. Res)., to be temp. Lt. whilst specially empld.

1921 Jan A large number of the Secret Service Special Appointment men were on a raid . I assume that this list should not have been included in the archives.

P Attwood, RD Jeune, W Turner-Coles, EEJ Shiner, PA Mules, V de Sarigny, RH Leigh Bennett, GT Sugden, RM Debney

1921 Apr 1. General List. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. on ceasing to be empld.: Temp. Lts., and retain .the rank of Lt.: — V. M. C. B. del Savigny (Lt., ret.).

1921 May 21 Collins Papers show the IRA keeping tabs on him

1921 May 18 On a raid with H F Boddington

1921 Oct/Dec Married Ethel Russell

1922 Jan 5. He seems to be getting a copy of Boyd's letter to Childs about employment for the Intelligence men post War of Independence, or may have been one of the men Boyd had in mind

Nelligan says After he'd left here (Dublin) he worked for the Northern Ireland Government for a while. 

1929 Nov 28. Leaves UK for New York. Age 47 and born Richmond, UKHe is a retired officer "in transit" in USA and appears to be travelling with 2 other retired officers - Rene de Sarigny (age 3 years younger, b South Africa) and Howard de Salis de Terriere

1929 Dec 20 Arrives in UK from New York A retired officer of 102 St Stephens Green, Dublin. Travels 1st class. 102, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin is The Russell Hotel at the corner of St. Stephen's Green/Harcourt St. owned by his father-in-law.

1930 Dec 31. Committed suicide in Royal Palace Hotel, London


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